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Jan 11th Roundup: We Bring You the Politics

Romney’s Blemished Corporate History
(Think Progress)

Mitt Romney has a job history that no politician wants: he was in corporate restructuring and is accused by opponents as destroying companies—and people’s jobs in the process—in order to become the millionaire he is now. His political foes have taken the opportunity to run with the startling facts in ad campaigns, speeches, and off-the-cuff remarks. Voters are worried! Gingrich launched an attack ad!

Romney says the Darndest Things
(The Daily Beast)

From firing people to bailing out on lunch with a gay veteran, Romney’s done—and said—some of the most confusing gaffes in recent political history.

But Wait…What About Gingrich?
(New York Times)

New York Times reports that republican runner-up Newt Gingrich should look in a mirror before criticizing Romney’s sketchy corporate past. He sat on the advisory board of Forstmann Little, meeting with executives and other board members twice per year to advise the company on the healthcare industry.

Let’s Just Agree to Disagree

A very relevant piece following the hubbub you witnessed above. It’s about the dangerous—but all too common— mix of private equity and politics. Sometimes it just doesn’t work. Big salaries are followed by bigger problems when it comes to getting the vote. Unless you read the article, you’d never known what Bill Clinton did after he was impeached, and what he had to leave behind when his wife, Hillary Clinton, tried for presidency.

Romney Blasts “Social Welfare State”

In a CNBC interview, Mitt Romney makes it very clear that he ain’t no commi. In all seriousness, Mitt Romney said that he doesn’t like President Obama’s vision of the US as a “European social welfare state.” Not too sure what exactly that means. Maybe he envisages gulags or worse—universal healthcare! He’ll be potentially matched up against Obama in November, when the economic issue du jour will likely be middle-class debt and job creation. This article sums up Romney’s position on those fronts.

An Open Letter to Obama
(The Atlantic)

This poignant letter, directed at American leader Barrack Obama, is about independent industry. More and more of the workforce is entering freelancer, temp, consultant and other jobs that require a new way of looking at business. The government is called on to support independent workers in this “gig economy.” The letter writer offers tangible suggestions for the prez on how to get cracking.