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January 30 Roundup: Solar a loser, US vs Europe, and how to change the world

How to Change the World

Green Biz

“Sustainability is great. Let’s integrate it into the company. Now, sustainability is a key part of our company’s mission.” You’ve probably heard this before, and likely, you have no clue how it actually works. A Harvard study found that a whopping 95 percent of employees in several organizations don’t understand their own company’s strategy. Making sustainability a key component of business isn’t the tricky part, but implementing and integrating it is. Follow this excellent series for more.

Carrots Work, Too

Marc Gunther

Occupy Wall Street was the epitome of wielding the collective stick against businesses “we won’t give you our money until you straighten up.” (It didn’t quite work out as intended, but that’s a discussion for another day—or another post.) But what if protesters had utilized another method—a more sustainable approach to consumerism? Enter Carrotmob, a community of people that praises “good companies”, encouraging its members to form purchasing mobs for particular products. It’s a vague idea and grassroots movement at this point, but could lead to a buying revolution.

Bilking Health Care Grey Zone

Corp Watch

There’s a growing drug crisis in America, and it doesn’t have to do with expensive healthcare or an ageing population. In fact, it’s about scalpers. Yes, pharmaceutical scalpers. Drug companies outsource their production to a vast $46 billion global contract-manufacturing industry. This breeds grey zone seller who have the authority to sell drugs for many times the original price. They monitor the economy, watch supply and demand, and sell accordingly to maximize profits. A good Monday afternoon read. (We won’t tell your boss.)

Solar is a Loser

Environmental Leader

You know that fat kid in high school who was a bit of a nerd and failed at a lot of things but then graduated, landed a hot girlfriend and a six pack? That’s the kind of experience solar power is having these days. In CNBC’s report on green tech winners and losers, solar was labeled a loser. It was picked on. It had failed because 2011 was a bad year: the Solyndra problem, Evergreen’s relocation of manufacturing to China, and First Solar’s “airball” earnings. But the researcher and writer of the special report, Trevor Curwin, says that solar power is about to make it big. Small scale solar wins because of dropping tech prices, solar is more affordable, and firms are growing. Wish you hadn’t picked on it now, dontcha?

We’ve Always Wondered…


Why is Europe greener than the U.S.? There are certainly regional differences, different histories, and unique cultures that separate the two land mass’ views on green. But when looking at the global lists of top sustainable companies worldwide, it’s hard not to notice Europe’s organizations consistently being the proverbial star on the top of the proverbial sustainable Christmas tree. What gives? Find out here.