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Roundup February 27: Oscar green winners, recycling giants, and eco pop

Good Golden Threads


Not only is Meryl Streep gorgeous, glowing, and greatly talented, but she is also green. (Yep, we do alliteration well here.) At last night’s Oscar ceremony, the best actress winner donned a golden flowing dress that was completely nature-friendly with special Eco Certified Fabric sourced with help from the Green Carpet Challenge. She joined almost a dozen others in wearing eco threads.

Recycling Giants


What happens to Boeings when they’ve flown their last trip? Check out some innovative ways of recycling these flying giants. From a wings restaurant to a comfortable hostel, see how these winged beasts have been transformed and how they’ve avoided adding to world dump sites.

Greening the Kitchen

Bob Vila

There are some things in this article that make you go “huh- that’s interesting.” For example, did you know that the reason sustainable designers prefer cork over marble isn’t the cost or the fact that one is longer-lasting than the other (although those both apply?) The reason greenies choose cork over marble is because the latter actually has a much higher environmental “cost” due to long-term excavation and transportation. Made you think.

Coke and Plant-Based Bottles

New York Times

Coke and Pepsi have been racing for market share and higher profits and reach since we lived in caves and the dinosaurs roamed (or at least since “green” was merely a crayon colour.) Now, they’re at it again. This time to see who can reach the greenest bottle design first, made from 100 percent plant fibres. This is a battle to the top, as opposed to the bottom. What a welcome development.

Used CDs Make Gorgeous Art

Tree Hugger

Eye-catching pieces made entirely from broken CD shards. Because we’ve all been in the spot of deciding what to do with our CDs in the digital age. This is the most beautiful use we’ve seen yet.