The first-ever Canadian mining sustainability ranking explores which Canadian mining companies are taking the lead on sustainable measures of performance.


Industry experts have compiled CK's 2012 Cleantech 10 and Next 10 list, a must-read annual snapshot of Canada's publicly traded leaders and up-and-coming startups.


CK evaluates how effectively Standard and Poor's 500 top companies are incorporating gender diversity into their boards of directors



Some firms perform better than others when it comes to following through on social and environmental responsibilities, as our first Global mining ranking demonstrates

New innovations, from gold-extracting bacteria to ventilation on demand, are helping the mining sector economically reduce its environmental footprint

Female-friendly boards have yet to reach a critical mass in Canada, while our growing minority population watches from the sidelines

Disabled? New to the country? A single mom or at-risk youth? Social Capital Partners is breaking down employment barriers that are keeping millions of North Americans out of work

When mining companies partner with NGOs focused on lifting poor communities out of poverty, it may come at a cost to the environment

Canada is punching above its weight in the global mining sector, but being a dominant foreign investor isn’t license to behave badly

Fast-growing Goldcorp says it takes corporate social responsibility seriously, but words don't always line up with actions

Does being gay or lesbian in the corporate world give you an advantage or limit your career?

Oxfam America sees more oil and mining companies taking the principle of "free prior and informed consent" seriously

New technologies are making it easier and less expensive to clean, manage, protect and waste less of life-giving liquid we take for granted

More institutional investors are pushing for a sustainability-themed pay link for executives

Companies that see the link between growth and sustainability need to look beyond incrementalism to achieve lasting results

In Green Illusions, author Ozzie Zehner says we simply consume too much stuff

Office Depot is applauded by the Environmental Protection Agency for its emission-reduction initiatives, while Chevron faces the agency's regulatory muscle

General Electric gets serious about refrigerator recycling; Hudbay Minerals fails on human rights

Siemens Canada CEO Robert Hardt opens up about the company's cleantech ambitions

Hybrid airship powered by solar can go where no planes dare go

Recovering water from fresh potatoes helps chip factory turn off the taps, part of a pilot project with worldwide potential

Green products are great, but not necessarily how they're made. John Warner - a founding father of the "green chemistry" movement - seeks a world where the chemicals we use to manufacture things do little or no harm in the first place

An interview with Maria van der Hoeven, head of the International Energy Agency, about the challenges of transitioning to a low-carbon economy

Water management is getting boardroom attention


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