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The 2010 Cleantech 10â„¢

# Years on ListCompanyCityDescription
4*Westport InnovationsVancouver, BCIn the market of high-performance engines, Westport Innovations Inc. is a leading developer of environmental technologies that enable vehicles to operate on clean-burning alternative fuels.
4Carmanah Technologies Corp.Victoria, BCCarmanah is a solar LED lighting company who put itself on the map with the first stand-alone solar power marine lantern. Today, it continues to develop solar LED and off-grid lighting for the aviation, traffic, telecom, construction, marine, and mining industries, with hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide.
4RuggedComWoodbridge, ONRuggedCom designs and manufactures high-reliability communication network products and services such as network routers, wireless devices, serial servers and smart grid technologies, designed to perform in harsh climatic environments worldwide.
4WaterFurnace Renewable EnergyFort Wayne, INWorking in residential, commercial, and institutional buildings, WaterFurnace builds and promotes renewable heating and cooling systems through the use of geothermal technology. Using earth loop geothermal heat pumps, their systems are capable of delivering five units of energy for every one unit of electrical energy used.
35N PlusMontreal, QC5N Plus is a producer and provider of high-purity metals and compounds for use in electronic applications such as solar energy, medical imaging, and thermoelectric devices. They also offer recycling solutions to customers to as a part of their strategy to consolidate the chain of supply.
2NEO Material TechnologiesToronto, ONNEO Material Technologies produces, processes, and develops magnetic powders, rare earth and zirconium based metals, essential components in solar panels, LEDs, micro motors, computers, mobile phones, micro-chips, and catalytic converters.
1ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc.Cambridge, ONATS is a world leader in factory automation solutions, designing and manufacturing automation systems for the telecommunications, fiber optics, and solar energy products. To date, ATS has provided systems for over 10,000 manufacturers worldwide.
1GLV Inc.Montreal, QCSpecializing in technological solutions used in water treatment, recycling, and purification, GLV Inc. develops ecological and economical solutions for wastewater treatment and recycling, screening of industrial water intake, and the production of renewable energy from residual sludge and biogas.
1Primary Energy Recycling Corp.Oak Brook, ILPrimary Energy Recycling Corp focuses on capturing and recycling waste energy from industrial processes and converting it into reliable and economical electricity and thermal energy. Current projects have a combined electrical generating capacity of 283 megawatts.
1Pure Technologies Ltd.Calgary, ABSpecializing in the development and application of innovative technologies for inspection, Pure Technologies monitors and manages physical infrastructure, from the health of large bridges to protecting oil, gas, and water pipelines.

Source: Corporate Knights Inc. and Cleantech Group LLC
*Also a member of the Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada

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