Powering reconciliation

By CK Staff
Indigenous Canadians heavily involved in renewables sector

Canada’s electricity sector is in the throes of dramatic transformation and is creating a bounty of opportunity for Indigenous communities seeking to tap the country’s renewable energy potential, according to Lumos Clean Energy Advisors.

A national survey conducted by Lumos found 152 medium to large clean energy projects with substantive Indigenous involvement, a notable increase from just 26 projects in 2008. Indigenous ownership of the projects averages out at 25 per cent, manifesting itself through direct ownership, partnerships, impact benefit agreements, lease agreements and revenue sharing agreements, among other vehicles.

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Flooding the market

By CK Staff
Insurers warn of $1.7 trillion climate protection gap created over past decade

Only 30 per cent of the costs associated with climate-related weather events have been covered by insurance over the past 10 years, leaving the public sector and civil society with a $1.7 trillion bill.

That’s the conclusion of new research by the ClimateWise initiative, a group of 28 leading insurance firms based out of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. The number of natural catastrophes has increased sixfold since 1950, multiplying financial damages incurred 500 per cent up to $170 billion.

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Solid state

By CK Staff
Household appliance maker Dyson moves into electric vehicle market

British technology company Dyson will spend £2.5 billion on developing a “radically different” electric vehicle by 2020, according to an announcement by founder and chief engineer James Dyson in September.

The project will rely on the nascent technology of solid-state batteries, as opposed to the more widespread lithium-ion technology used by Tesla and other electric vehicles. Proponents of solid-state technology describe the battery packs as smaller, more powerful and easier to charge. Toyota has previously expressed interest in the technology, as has Porsche.

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Green Leaf

By CK Staff
Company lets EV drivers plug in for extra income

Anyone in the U.K. owning a Nissan Leaf will soon be able to make money from the vehicle overnight, providing they install a special charger at home.

The partnership between Nissan and energy supplier Ovo Energy allows consumers the option to connect their Leaf through a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) service, giving the supplier access to their battery overnight. Ovo will then use the battery to store electricity purchased when it’s cheapest and sell it off once it becomes more expensive. Ovo will share some of these revenues with the car owner, estimated at £590 a year. To ensure the vehicle is sufficiently powered for trips in the morning, owners can set a minimum charge threshold.

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Water way

U.S. and Mexico sign new Colorado River water pact

Relations between the U.S. and Mexico may be at the lowest point in decades, but the two countries nevertheless managed to strike a nine-year conservation agreement in September regarding joint management of the Colorado River.

The agreement, an amendment to a 1944 transnational water treaty that dictates how the 2,250-kilometre-long river is managed, builds on a 2012 amendment that was set to expire at the end of 2017.

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