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Managing call-centre energy demands using "swarm logic."
Vale spends big to reduce impacts of Ontario nickel smelter; Northern Dynasty Minerals gets rocked by Alaskan Pebble project.
Climate wars. Fuel volatility. Safety in the battlefield. The Pentagon has many reasons to be embracing renewable energy.
An interview with James E. Rogers, CEO of power utility Duke Energy.
Garbage incineration may not sound pretty, but it’s gotten a lot cleaner, and may be the best solution to our waste problem.
It's time to turn energy vision into action.
Canada’s clean technology industry, like the country itself, comes with regional strengths and needs.
How green space can improve a province’s bottom line
As the effects of climate change become more pronounced, are corporations and governments talking enough about resilience?
Muzzled scientists, junked science.
With seven billion people on the planet and rising, the human footprint is adding up.
There's growing recognition among the country's biggest companies that business-as-usual isn't a sustainable long term option
Why Internet technologies represent one of five foundational pillars for a coming third industrial revolution.
The internet is making us more efficient and consumptive. The brother of the man who invented the "Web" finds this worrisome.