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Tim Hortons is the top-ranked company on the 2015 Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada.
A cultural icon, Tim Hortons has steadily improved its sustainability performance over the past five years. Will it stick?
The results for the 2015 Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada ranking.
An Q&A with former B.C. premier Gordon Campbell, the recipient of CK's 2015 Award of Distinction.
Gordon Hicks, head of Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions, drives environmental stewardship to a new level.
Shipping trainloads of sulphuric acid and other dangerous chemicals can be risky and often unnecessary business.
The way PV modules are made and how the industry deals with future e-waste risks tarnishing its squeaky clean image.
The founder of the world’s largest solar services provider argues that it's time for the solar industry to stand on its own.
The growth of solar power has been nothing short of incredible, and the party is expected to continue.
It's time for mainstream media in North America to follow the U.K.-based newspaper and take a stand on climate change.
Which Canadian cities are best prepared for the next big flood? A new report grades 15 cities across the country.
The results for the 2015 Resilient Cities Report.
Toronto-based organization leads efforts to grow an ISO standard for city data.
Some cities have an advantage over others when it comes to today’s natural disasters and planning for climate resilience.