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Robert Litterman is proving money can be made buying into the unburnable carbon thesis.
Climate-themed fiction could be more effective than non-fiction at raising awareness of an unfolding global crisis.
In our second-annual Future 40 ranking, a clear trend emerges: smaller companies are disclosing more.
This year's ranking reveals that disclosure, particularly around resource productivity, is on the rise.
Export Development Canada, this year's Future 40 champ, says transparency needs to improve on international financing deals.
Gaz M├ętro CEO Sophie Brochu talks up efficiency and gives thumbs down to controversial Energy East pipeline.
Dame Jane Goodall engages with kids through her Roots & Shoots program, working to connect youth with nature and community.
They are entrepreneurs and activists; business professionals and students.
In the self-published novel Carbon Black, GHG markets and regulations are backdrops to a thrilling work of fiction.
An entrepreneurial shift among Israeli youth is helping to create a green oasis in a country worried about dependence on oil.
Youth identified as social media "influencers" are increasingly being recruited as the new marketing mules for major brands.
They're digital natives inundated with news about society in decline and a troubled planet. How do millennials stay positive?
Youth in El Salvador are addicted to soft drinks, resulting in an epidemic of childhood tooth rot and gum disease.
Can startups like eRespond bring fresh ideas to utilities?