The world’s largest asset managers talk a good game about getting tough on climate, but are they putting their money where their mouths are?

We asked our researchers to dig into their holdings. We asked Graham Roumieu to illustrate the findings for Knight Bites.

Oil and gas guzzlers: Fossil fuel companies with less than 20% of their near-term investment in the energy transition

Climate-policy blockers: Companies lobbying against climate policy

Coal mongers: Companies that engage in production of coal or coal-based energy (>20% of power production and >10% revenue)

Nature wreckers: Companies that have caused severe environmental damage, identified by the Norwegian sovereign fund (NBIM)

Forest razers: Worst-in-class companies engaging in deforestation in South America and Southeast Asia or that cause the most harm in the palm oil industry

Dirty cement-makers: Environmental laggards in the cement industry

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