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The future must include long-term value creation, but that means moving beyond our live-for-the-moment investing mindset.
Author Andrew Nikiforuk says our addiction to oil has defined who we are, and how we live.
Package delivery giant United Postal Service gives its fleet the hybrid treatment, minus the expensive batteries.
Creating a carbon tax to help tackle U.S. deficit may be worth the difficult compromise.
Pro-social behaviour is crucial for climate adaptation and building resilient communities.
Marks and Spencer sheds toxic chemicals; Gruppo Riva steel mill emits killer pollution.
The quest for socially responsible investment in the oil, mining and gas sectors.
OPINION: Ratings agencies need to incorporate natural resource-related risks.
Governments are experimenting with the idea that pay-for-performance contracts with the private sector can cure societal ills
Journalist and political commentator David Frum says a price on carbon could get Republican support, if done properly.
Just how much Obama's administration can accomplish depends on his willingness to flex his executive muscles.
With governments in crisis mode and the global economy in the dumps, a "billionaire league of justice" might be our best hope
The private foundation of paypal co-founder Peter Thiel funds radical ideas with huge potential for positive change.
An unlikely alliance of actors, scientists and bankers are on a mission to wean the entire globe off of fossil fuels.
Corporate Knights lays out our global challenges and one path to overcoming them.