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The Upcycle is good enough to eat, and that's the point it wants to make.
Do Middle Eastern politics prevent Israel, a global hotbed for water technology innovation, from helping its neighbours?
A global cap and trade market now seems imminent. But are we creating a monster we can't control?
Injecting C02 into concrete as it hardens is helping slash its towering toll on the climate.
A conversation with Bob Inglis, the ousted Republican congressman turned climate policy crusader.
Students around the world are pushing universities to take a symbolic stand by divesting from fossil fuels.
With so much growth in green careers, the challenge is in choosing the right path.
Yes, this Scandinavian country's sovereign fund is the envy of the world, but on closer inspection is it truly sustainable?
Financial institutions are creating prize-linked savings accounts to fix the low rate of personal savings in North America.
Efficiency drived the new General Motors, while China's Sinovel Wind stands accused of stealing turbine source code
The trees still get love, but environmental groups that once saw corporations as adversaries now welcome them as partners.
Desalination can help the Middle East as long as it doesn’t put even more pressure on the region's water resources.
Can the world's largest freshwater system, and the regional economy that depends on it, survive climate change?
Infinitio Gold thought its proposed gold mine had the green light, but Costa Rica's commitment to nature got in the way.
When it comes to teaching environmental and social responsibility, schools are relying on students to do the heavy lifting.