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Capturing carbon and storing it underground is so passé. A new generation of start-up believes recycling CO2 is the future.
Partnering with big firms is tricky, but it could hold tremendous opportunity
The U.S. and Canada need to break out of the old oil- and coal-fuelled narrative that has denied real change.
Are environmentalists hurting their own cause?
HSBC sets up an environmental scholarship, while Maxim Power attempts to circumvent federal regulations on coal power.
The BionX man talks about why the future of electric mobility is more than electric cars.
Canadian clean tech entrepreneurs need to attract more attention beyond domestic borders.
Should there be a minimum age requirement to sit on a corporate board?
Canada's First Nations People and the future of clean electricity
The Canadian media mogul gives some advice to the Occupy Wall Street movement.
Q&A with the former Prime Minister of Canada.