The 100 schools ranked in the 2014 Global 100 Sustainable MBA ranking were taken from the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2013. These schools were assessed on three indicators: curriculum, institutes & centres and faculty research. Data for these three indicators was taken from publicly available sources. Outreach was conducted to those schools with data gaps. Schools that did not respond were assigned a zero in each corresponding category.

Curriculum: Only core/required courses fully dedicated to sustainability were counted under the scoring. (50% weighting)

Institutes & Centres: Only relevant institutes housed in the business school, or sponsored in partnership with another school, were counted towards the scoring. (20% weighting)

Faculty Research: All research was conducted using Google Scholar. All relevant peer-reviewed publications in academic journals were considered between 2011-June 2014. Half of the final score was derived from total number of relevant publications per business school. The other half was extracted from total citation score on all relevant publications combined. (30% weighting)

Once all the data had been collected, all schools were percentile ranked on each indicator individually. Following that, a weighted average of these percentile ranks was calculated.

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