For over 100 years, Teck’s employees have helped build communities, create jobs and responsibly develop resources across Canada. Today, our people remain committed to sustainable resource development that considers people, communities and the environment in every decision.

Those values have shaped our approach to business over the years, and ingrained a deep commitment to sustainable resource development at Teck.

That approach is outlined in our sustainability strategy, which sets out ambitious targets for our work in sustainability, including a vision of achieving a net positive impact on biodiversity in the areas where we operate. To help achieve that vision, we are working closely with research and conservation partners on initiatives such as our recent investment of $19 million to purchase 7,150 hectares of private lands in British Columbia’s Southeast Kootenay region.

This purchase represents one of the largest private-sector investments in conservation in B.C. history and will protect an area of land over 17 times the size of Vancouver’s Stanley Park. These lands are important habitat for numerous wildlife and fish species, including grizzly bear, wolverine, badger, elk, lynx, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, westslope cutthroat trout and bull trout, as well as holding significant cultural value for the Ktunaxa First Nation.

This initiative demonstrates how world class mining can facilitate world class environmental management, and it also underscores the importance of partnership. We are working closely with groups like the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), the Ktunaxa First Nation and others to establish management and stewardship plans for these lands to ensure they are conserved as an environmental legacy now and for the future.

This work builds on other partnerships such as Teck’s $2 million contribution to the NCC to help conserve Lot 48, a 127-hectare land parcel in Southeast British Columbia with significant conservation value, connecting over 7,600 hectares of protected land that together creates critical wildlife corridors.

Our more than 8,800 employees across Canada are focused on sustainable resource development that makes a positive contribution to conservation and environmental protection. By working in partnership with communities, First Nations, conservation organizations and other stakeholders, we know we can achieve that goal.

Marcia Smith is the senior vice president of sustainability and external affairs at Teck.

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