How EV production can help refuel Canada’s post-pandemic economy

Auto sector is now retooling to make life-saving ventilators, but to thrive post-COVID, revving EV production will be key

In this time of great uncertainty, frontline and essential workers are working to keep us safe from COVID-19, businesses are racing to retool to fill critical healthcare needs, and governments are working tirelessly to roll out urgently needed financial relief and keep essential services intact. These efforts are paramount as we strive to flatten the curve on this pandemic and keep households and communities afloat.

Canada’s auto-manufacturing sector has joined in delivering essential services and is redeploying to produce desperately needed medical supplies, including ventilators. It’s a move that could help countless Canadians. As that essential work continues, many of us are looking ahead at the eventual task of rebuilding Canada’s economy when we finally emerge. Along with immediate financial relief for workers, businesses and communities, discussions are under way about how investments can be made to stimulate our economy for the long term and insulate workers against future shocks.

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