Throne speech laid down markers for a clean and caring economy

Although the speech was short on details, fiscal tools at Ottawa’s disposal to make that economy a reality

A key goal laid out in the federal government’s recent speech from the throne was to “build back better to create a stronger, more resilient Canada.” In our view, “building back better” must include placing growing clean industries (such as electric vehicle manufacturing and zero-carbon power generation) at the centre of Canada’s industrial policy. At the same time, our social contract must be rejuvenated to take care of our young and old with affordable and accessible childcare and long-term care. The sketch provided by the throne speech suggests the government is on the right track – but it did not explain how we will be able to afford the significant investments needed to make the vision into a reality. Those details will be revealed in an upcoming budget or economic statement, but there are a number of fiscal tools at Ottawa’s disposal to make a clean and caring economy a reality.

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Canadian cleantech conundrum

By Céline Bak
Canada’s cleantech exports are growing even as its share of the global market shrinks. It’s time to close the gap.

Canada’s clean technology industry is the country’s first new industry of the 21st century. In fact, with 50,000 people employed directly in more than 800 firms, some might say Canada’s clean technology industry has come of age.

The industry reflects our national values and our ability to invest in innovation, to protect the environment, build strong companies and create good jobs. And to both grow and diversify our economy.

Canadian clean technology companies are winning in global markets where competition is fierce. People working in the industry are building companies with a range and diversity that is breathtaking, including creating new career paths that combine skill sets as diverse as engineering, international business development and communications.

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