Corona response: 7 questions business leaders should ask themselves

In the face of COVID-19, Canada's business and institutional leaders can help unleash creativity and a new sense of mission

We are entering a critical new phase of the global COVID-19 pandemic. In Canada, the infection rate grows at concerning rates – though our healthcare system is not yet at a breaking point. We are just starting the workplace shutdowns caused by social distancing that are leading to job loss. The United States appears to be even more at risk, and potentially unstable.

Everyone now knows someone in isolation, on layoff or displaying concerning symptoms. Already, I have friends and students whose personal economic situations have been shattered. Their shifts, or jobs, are gone – and they are not coming back any time soon. And the crisis will likely last far longer than many leaders have officially told us.

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Maple leaf manifesto

By Karim Bardeesy
Sustainability and Canada: these ideas should fit together like a hand and a warm, woollen mitten.

In an ideal world, given Canada’s vast size, natural bounty and historic presence on the international stage, sustainability should be intimately paired with Canada, as the Belgians are with chocolate or the Finns with a piping hot sauna.

Yet, the Canadian image overseas, especially in Europe, is the environmental laggard, a climate fossil where the prevailing symbol of a clubbed seal has been replaced by a ruinous oil sands operation.

The reality, of course, is much more complex.

But as long as Canada lacks an integrated national strategy to leverage our abundant natural capital, we will continue to be vulnerable to the profit-oriented trends that make us fritter this privilege, testing our ecosystems’ tolerance and the bonds of national unity, further degrading our image.

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