Let’s make our money matter

The most powerful weapon in our armoury for change is what our money is doing, and pensions hold the key

It’s as much of a surprise to me to be writing about pensions as it probably is to you to be reading it. In my other life, I’m the writer of films like Four Weddings and a Funeral and Love Actually, but these days my real passion is pensions to be proud of. I’m working on a campaign I helped launch called Make My Money Matter.

Here’s my whistle-stop tour: I started a charity called Red Nose Day 30 years ago that has so far raised about US$1.5 billion for children in need. In 2005, I worked on the Make Poverty History campaign and the Live 8 concerts, trying to encourage the G7 nations to give billions more in aid and to cancel debt. But when the UN Sustainable Development Goals were launched in 2015, one question haunted me: where are the trillions going to come from to make these goals happen?

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