The time is ripe for an Indigenous Climate Fund

A $1 billion per year Indigenous Climate Fund could help build smart communities

We asked Canada's thought leaders to weigh in with ideas for how the government should spend stimulus money as part of a Green Recovery. To read the entire report series, head to Planning for Green Recovery.

Equality translates into a civil society, one that acts cohesively in the interests of the many. Besieged by division and inaction on the climate crisis, we need solutions that are far broader than technological fixes. A $1 billion per year Indigenous Climate Fund (ICF), if established by the federal government, could offer some multifaceted solutions. What would such a fund look like?

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Protect your pension and the planet

By Vicky Sharpe
Risk management, the cleantech way.

Canadians like to manage risk. Canadian financial institutions, for example, pride themselves on how they reduced their exposure to the asset-backed mortgage debacle and the ensuing meltdown. Yet institutions that control an important part of our future – our pension plans – do not appear to be protecting our interests to the extent they could. As we’re increasingly learning, many traditional assets financed by pension plans have significant exposure to climate change risk.

This situation is a global issue being tracked by organizations such as the Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP). In a 2013-14 survey of 1,000 pension funds that have roughly $75 trillion under man­agement, AODP found that 55 per cent of investments were in climate change-exposed industries, predominantly energy, steel, aluminium, cement, construction and transportation, while only 2 per cent of investments have been placed in industries with low-carbon intensities.

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