‘Almost cheaper than plywood’ solar, bargain EVs and youth rising round out 2019

As the curtain closes on the year, we take a look back at which stories resonated the most with readers in a year when we joined forces with hundreds of other news outlets around the planet to ramp up media coverage of the climate crisis. As always, Corporate Knights is committed to drawing  sustainable solutions into the spotlight. Here are a few that hit a nerve.

Canadian inventor says solar panels ‘almost cheaper than plywood’

Our most popular story of the year. JP Morgan says innovations have made solar power dirt cheap. He told Gideon Forman that the challenge now is getting politicians to understand this.

The world needs more Ethiopia and less Exxon

2019’s Nobel winners reveal how different the world could be when our leaders invest in a better future. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali won the Nobel Peace Prize this year for ending a multi-decade war with Eritrea. Former ExxonMobil scientist Dr. M. Stanley Whittingham also won a Nobel prize this year for his pioneering work in the development of the lithium-ion battery for the company in the 1970s. For whatever reason, after Whittingham’s initial breakthrough, Exxon put the rechargeable battery project on ice, citing high manufacturing costs and safety concerns. Our editor-in-chief Toby Heaps wonders how different the world would be had the company invested its vast resources in a better future rather than holding it back.

Youth rising: Meet 2019’s top 30 under 30 sustainability leaders

As world leaders descended upon New York City for the UN Climate Action Summit in September, millions of young people gathered in more than 200 countries on seven continents to make their voices heard. They walked out of their classrooms, their workplaces and their homes to join a 16-year-old Swedish girl in demanding that the climate crisis be treated like the emergency it is. In Canada and around the globe, youth are stepping up to create a more sustainable world. We challenge you to read up on our latest 30 under 30 leaders and not feel inspired to rise to new heights in 2020.

Think you can’t afford that EV? In a faceoff against gas cars, the numbers say otherwise

Electric vehicles face a major obstacle: They cost too much. Or at least that’s what the sticker price tells us. Corporate Knights pits 2 EVs against 2 internal combustion vehicles on total cost of ownership. Guess who wins?


O holy funds

Who knew one of our most popular stories of the year would be a guide to how Pope, the Aga Khan and Anglican Church invest their money?


From bomb shelters to boardrooms: Cisco’s Rola Dagher says giving up was never an option

Our Women in Leadership columnist Sheima Benemberek spoke with this tech industry president about how she went from Lebanese bomb shelters to heading one of the biggest corporations in Canada.


Is your ethical investing app upselling greenwash?

‘Animal welfare’ funds heavy in animal testing? Low-carbon funds dripping in oil? Our managing editor Adria Vasil offers up a BS-free green guide to 9 socially-responsible investing apps AKA robo-advisors.


Which smartphone is more ethical, Apple or Samsung?

Our popular Sustainable Stock Showdown columnist Tim Nash pitted all kinds of companies against each other in 2019. His most popular column answered a question a hotly debated question: Apple or Samsung?


 A tale of transformation: the Danish company that went from black to green energy

Rounding out some of our most popular stories of the year, Eric Reguly delved into the real-life story of how one of Europe’s most coal-intensive companies grew into a green energy giant.

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