About Us

magazine coversCorporate Knights Magazine, the award-winning magazine for clean capitalism, is published 4 times per year by Corporate Knights Inc. Founded in 2002, CK's flagship magazine, is published as a quarterly insert in the Globe and Mail and Washington Post. As one of the world's largest circulation (125K+) magazines focused on the intersection of business and society, CK is the most prominent brand in the clean capitalism media space. It was named as the 2013 Magazine of the Year by the National Magazine Awards Foundation.

Definition of Clean Capitalism: An economic system in which prices incorporate social, economic and ecological benefits and costs, and actors know the full impacts of their actions.

Our vision is to provide information empowering markets to foster a better world.

Corporate Knights Magazine is a division of Corporate Knights Inc., a media, research and financial products company focused on quantifying and animating clean capitalism drivers for decision makers.

Corporate Knights Capital is an investment research and advisory firm.

Corporate Knights also provides secretariat support for the CEO-led Council for Clean Capitalism.

B Corp: CK is proud to be the first print business magazine and research firm in the world to be a Certified B Corp. We believe that companies meet their highest purpose when they serve the interests of society, and being certified helps to firm up our own personal commitment. To earn certification, B Corps must meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.