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Frequency: Quarterly (4 issues / year)

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    Sponsored Content

    Sponsored content is defined as content that is paid for by an organization (the “sponsor”) or published as part of a partnership external to our standard editorial process and guidelines. “Sponsored Feature” will identify content as such at the top of the article, and appear with a light grey background on the homepage or landing page. A sponsor’s logo may also be included. If you have questions about whether an article is sponsored or otherwise the product of a partnership, you can always contact us directly for full information.

    Partnered Series

    Associations, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, companies or coalitions will on occasion help fund production of a package of articles that cover a particular sustainability issue or theme that they care about. We will clearly label these as a “Partnered Series.” Such funders will be clearly recognized in projects. Furthermore, Corporate Knights will only work with such funders on condition that stories be written by independent freelance writers we have selected and that the funders, while helping brainstorm ideas for stories, do not have influence in the story creation process. In cases where one of the articles in the package is a guest commentary from a funder or a funder affiliate, it will be clearly identified as such. In cases where Corporate Knights or an assigned freelancer sees genuine value in interviewing a funder’s employee or funder-affiliated source for a story – given that funders will have knowledge and a natural interest in the subject matter they are backing — that employee will be clearly identified as a representative of the funder. Articles in a Partnered Series, as independently written pieces, will remain in our archives.

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