Leadership vacuum

By Andrew Reeves
More CEOs than ever fired for ethical failures

CEOs of large and small companies alike are increasingly being let go as a result of workplace indiscretions, including sexual impropriety, insider trading, bloated resumes and fraud.

A recent study from PwC on CEO success found that forced turnovers of chief executives due to ethical lapses rose by 36 per cent in the period 2012-2016 over 2007-2011. The sharpest increases came from BRIC nations, Western Europe, Canada and the United States. Within those groups, long-serving CEOs and those heading larger companies were at greatest risk.

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Advertising and children’s health

Health Canada considers junk food ad ban aimed at youth

A nation-wide ban on the marketing of unhealthy food to children under 17 has been proposed by Health Canada.

On the chopping block is everything from television, print and online advertising to product labelling and in-store displays for cereals, granola bars, chips and energy drinks.

While Quebec has had a similar ban in place since 1980 covering advertising to children under age 13, the proposed national ban is the first of its kind in Canada. Similar bans exist at various age thresholds in the U.K., Ireland, Norway and Sweden, among others.

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Great lake swimmers

By Andrew Reeves
Conservation experts are worried about the destructive impact Asian carp are likely to have on the Great Lakes ecosystem.

Karen McDonald’s heart sank when she learned that two grass carp were caught at the wetland construction project she manages for the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA). The agency had been looking for the invasive fish for a decade. But when three 30-pound, fertile specimens turned up at Tommy Thompson Park on Toronto’s waterfront in July, a chill ran through the organization. “There was a collective ‘Oh no,’ ” McDonald observed. “Someone said it was just a matter of time.”

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