Knight bites: Global COP26 climate summit to-do list

World leaders are meeting in Glasgow to seek consensus on how to prevent climate chaos. Here are a few key goals the UN and COP26’s U.K. hosts hope to get countries to agree to

Illustrations by Melanie Lambrick

Bye-bye coal

UN is calling for a rapid coal phase-out in developed countries and no new coal plants in developing economies like China and India.


Speed up the switch to EVs

U.K. and others will ban the sale of new fossil-fuelled cars by 2030. They want more countries to follow their lead.

Ramp up renewables

Solar and wind can meet world energy demand 100 times over.

Let nature thrive

Legally binding targets to restore forests, grasslands and wetlands – and making farming more sustainable – would remove more carbon from the air.

Adapt to the coming storms

Build defences, warning systems and resilient infrastructure to protect homes, livelihoods and lives from floods and extreme weather.

Fund developing countries

Developed nations need to deliver on their promise to raise at least $100 billion in climate finance per year to help developing countries go green

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