PODCAST: VanCity's Tamara Vrooman on how banks can lead us out of the current crisis

Tamara Vrooman



The banking sector hasn't always been seen as particularly helpful during times of crisis. During the last financial crisis of 2008, a lot of blame was pinned squarely on banks themselves. Corporate Knights had a chance to speak with VanCity Credit Union's CEO Tamara Vrooman about how the banking and financial sector could and should help lead us out of the pandemic-triggered economic crisis. 

We had a lot of questions for Vrooman. How are progressive businesses faring during the pandemic? How does she see the role of business changing in the face of COVID-19? Are green funds weathering the economic storm better than their competitors?  We also asked her how we make sure that we're taking lessons from the pandemic to rebuild the economy in ways that make it more resilient and reduce our impacts on the earth.

Listen to the interview between our managing editor, Adria Vasil, and Vrooman, now on Corporate Knights YouTube channel. We packed a lot into 20 minutes. Definitely worth a listen.

A big thank you to Tamara for sharing your insights.


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