How to get the investment holdings file prepared for the Decarbonizer Tool

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Step 1: Google the name of the fund + top investment holdings. Some funds such as ABP, Future Fund, CPPIB and McGill University have this information available on their website. Other funds like NYCERS or the Wellcome Trust list the relevant information in their most recent annual report. Please note that most investors only disclose their largest holdings, but this is sufficient to run the analysis. If you cannot find the holdings for a foundation try this link and select the 990 PF form (most US foundations disclose their corporate stock holdings here). If you cannot find the holdings for a pension fund/foundation/university, you can try this link and search by the name of the investment management company (i.e. Harvard Management Company) to get their “Quarterly Holdings and Combination Reports by Institutional Money Managers – Form 13F.” This will provide you with the investments in US listed companies. If none of this works, try phoning your institution and asking them for a file of their corporate stock holdings or look into freedom of information request avenues.


Step 2: Paste just the names of the listed companies (sometimes these are called publicly traded companies or quoted companies) into a .csv file. It must be a .csv file. The tool assumes that weights are according to free float market cap, so while it is nice to have the weights, it is not necessary.

Format should look like below



Step 3: Look up the ISINS. You can do this one of two ways. The old fashioned way is to google one by one: name of the company + ISIN, and then fill in .csv file as below. If you have access to a Bloomberg terminal, you can use their matching function, and then select the best matches manually.

Format should look like below



Step 4: Google the university endowment/pension fund/foundation to find the 2012 annual report and get the USD value of public equities in the fund. If this is difficult to locate, find the overall value of the fund and multiply by 50 per cent as a rough average to get the total equity holdings value as of the 2012 date. If the fund does not report in USD, use a foreign exchange calculator to convert to USD.


Step 5: Go to and upload the file, set your decarbonization investment strategy, enter the USD amount (just the number without $ or commas: 10000000) and press decarbonize to see your results.

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