2012 Sustainable Cities results

Illustration by D. Hertzberg
Illustration by D. Hertzberg
1Portland, OR35
1San Francisco, CA35
1Seattle, WA35
4Denver, CO33
5Albuquerque, NM32
5Charlotte, NC32
5Oakland, CA32
8Chicago, IL31
8Columbus, OH31
8Minneapolis, MN31
8Philadelphia, PA31
8Pheonix, AZ31
8Sacramento, CA31
14New York City, NY30
14San Diego, CA30
14San Jose, CA30
17Austin, TX29
17Dallas, TX29
17Fort Worth, TX29
17Nashville-Davidson, NC29
17Tuscon, AZ29
17Washington, DC29
23Boston, MA28
23Los Angeles, CA28
23Kansas City, MO28
26Indianapolis, IN27
27Fresno, CA26
27Miami, FL26
27Las Vegas, NV26
27Louisville Metro, KY26


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Energy Austin, TX: The City of Austin and its public utility, Austin Energy, are making all

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