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The Corporate Knights Sustainable Solutions Database consists of a subset of companies from developed and emerging economies in the Corporate Knights coverage universe (public companies with > $1b in revenue) that earn at least 20% of the revenue from products or services that map to the Sustainable Development Goals consistent with the Corporate Knights Clean Revenue taxonomy or are members of the Business Ambition for 1.5°C coalition.

The Corporate Knights Dark Red Flag Database consists of more than 2,500 companies from developed and emerging economies that have been identified as so-called ‘red flag companies’ due to their involvement in ethically or environmentally questionable industries and/or practices. These companies have been identified through a rigorous process including theme selection, source reliability analysis, and company identification processes. The list is updated monthly to reflect changes in source material. Sources include methodologically-sound reports by non-profits, bottom-up research by Corporate Knights, and the public and derived exclusions of two significant funds (Norges Bank Investment Management and NZ Super Fund).

The dark red flag themes are as following: Access to medicine laggards; Access to nutrition laggards; Adult entertainment; Blocking climate policy; Cement carbon laggards; Civilian firearms; Controversial weapons; Conventional weapons; Deforestation & Palm oil laggards; Energy (Fossil Fuels); Farm animal welfare laggards; For-profit prisons; Gambling; Gross corruption violations; Harmful pesticides; Illegal activity; Oil sands laggards; Severe environmental damage; Severe human rights violations; Thermal coal; and Tobacco.

In addition to the dark red flags, Corporate Knights also maintains a database of “light red flag” companies for the following themes: Alcohol; Blocking climate resolutions; Financing misleading media; Industrial meat; and Nuclear energy.


Dark Red Flag Exclusion themeSource
Access to medicine laggardsAccess to Medicine Index
Access to nutrition laggardsAccess to Nutrition Index
Adult entertainmentCorporate Knights Pension Fund Cohort
Blocking climate policyInfluenceMap
Cement carbon laggardsNBIM
Civilian firearmsNZ Super Fund
Controversial weaponsNBIM, NZ Super Fund
Conventional weaponsStockholm International Peace Research Institute
Deforestation & Palm oil laggardsChain Reaction Research, NBIM, Deforestation Free Funds
Energy S&P Capital IQ
Farm animal welfare laggardsCorporate Knights database
For-profit prisons The American Friends Service Committee
GamblingS&P Capital IQ
Gross corruption violationsNBIM
Harmful pesticidesUnearthed
Illegal activityCorporate Knights database
Oil sands laggardsNBIM
Severe environmental damageNBIM
Severe human rights violationsNBIM
Thermal coalNBIM, Urgewald


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