Cadillac Fairview unveils corporate purpose, renews responsibility pledge

The landmark property owner, operator, investor and developer is making new commitments to the environment, its employees, philanthropy and post-pandemic economic recovery “for a Vibrant Tomorrow.”

Since March 2020, corporate Canada has undoubtedly experienced a sea of change. Some elements of the upheaval continue to challenge, while others represent a marked transformation for the better. That includes newly refined corporate responsibility commitments from some of the country’s biggest corporations.

For Cadillac Fairview (CF), the COVID-19 pandemic brought damaging closures to some of its buildings and tenants. It also presented the company with an opportunity to re-examine its purpose. As one of North America’s leading commercial real estate companies, CF has long been committed to Canadians and creating spaces that enhance their communities.

Now, the company is fortifying that vow with a bold statement. For the first time, CF has publicly unveiled its brand purpose: “Transforming Communities for a Vibrant Tomorrow.”

The inspired company mantra was first introduced for internal purposes in 2017 and newly revealed publicly this summer with the release of the CF 2021 Corporate Responsibility Report. The brand purpose guides the company’s initiatives within the organization, from its environmental impact and philanthropy, to the well-being of its employees and pandemic response and recovery efforts.

“After such a challenging period, we need our communities more than ever—and that includes the support of businesses like ours, that operate locally, nationally and globally,” said Cadillac Fairview President and CEO, John Sullivan. “We’re proud to renew and share our purpose, a guiding compass for all we do inside and outside our buildings. As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we have the opportunity as one Global community to be stronger than ever and we’re committed to having a powerful impact now, throughout Canada’s recovery, and for generations to come.”

The company’s pledge is broken down into four key “Responsibility Pillars” in the new report: Our People, Our Planet, Our Community, and Our Partners. As a leader in sustainable operations, CF outlined its enduring environmental responsibility efforts to combat climate change through meaningful action, including its long-standing sustainability program, Green at Work, aimed at reducing emissions, waste, water and energy. Since 2008, the program has contributed to a 42 per cent reduction in CO2, a 42 per cent reduction in energy consumption (5.5 per cent reduction in year-over-year energy usage), a 54 per cent reduction in water consumption (7.2 per cent year-over-year), and an 80 per cent diversion of waste from landfills. The company is also focused on low-carbon community transformation to build resilience to the changing climate and extreme weather events.

The company’s pandemic response factored into the report as a new and enduring responsibility for CF. Pandemic response doesn’t just include mitigation efforts from the last year, but plans for post-pandemic response, including elements of the “new normal” that might remain in place going forward. The practices of the last 15 months will factor into new health and safety protocols across CF properties going forward.

During the challenging pandemic year, CF shifted support for its employees in new ways, including a well-being “pulse survey” that was deployed every six to eight weeks to better understand the needs of the broader CF team. The company expanded the focus of employee outreach as needed, including an enhanced focus on inclusion and diversity following a period of racial unrest in the United States and Canada.

As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to community, CF is dedicated to creating vibrant, world-class destinations that bring people together. Over the past year, CF found creative ways to provide unique and memorable experiences for the communities it serves. The company reimagined signature events with safety as a top priority, offered engaging wellness programs for employees, shoppers and tenants, and also boosted its philanthropy efforts. Over the last year, CF donated $1.59 million to various organizations throughout the communities it serves in Canada, many with a mandate to empower and inspire Canadian youth, who represent the future of CF’s communities.

“As a leading Canadian brand, our company has a tremendous responsibility to support our people, planet, communities and partners. The last year has only reinforced that fact and made it more critical than ever,” said Inge van den Berg, Vice President of Strategic Insights and Risk. “The commitments laid out in our renewed pillars and purpose are aimed at having an enduring impact for the CF family of today and tomorrow. Though the last 15 months haven’t been easy, together as one community, we can come out the other side stronger, more vibrant than before.”

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