Big Oil finds a profitable path to going green

Goldman Sachs says Big Oil can become Big Energy within 10 years by embracing greener energy

A recent Goldman Sachs report says big oil companies are key to the global climate debate, as their products account for 10 per cent of the carbon emissions of the global energy sector. The rest of the report asks: Can Big Oil change its ways?

Goldman’s answer is yes. It sets out a path through which Big Oil can become Big Energy by the year 2030 by embracing greener energy sources and higher-value petroleum products. These initiatives can help the oil industry reduce its carbon-emission intensity by 23 per cent, a target that matches sustainable development goals while still providing universal access to energy, according to the International Energy Agency.

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2019 Global 100 results

Overview of 2019 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World index

Global 100 ranking FAQ

By CK Staff
Answers to frequently asked questions about the Global 100 2019 ranking

How is this ranking calculated?

The ranking starts with identification of all publicly listed companies who had at least US$1B in revenues in the last fiscal year. They are screened for adequate performance disclosure, good financial health, and non-engagement in defined businesses and practices (e.g. weapons and tobacco manufacturing). The resulting shortlisted companies are scored on a mix and weighting of up to 21 performance metrics, tailored to their sector/peer group. The final G100 represents the top performers from each sector/peer group, with the number from each sector based on the relative size of its global market capitalization. See our 2019 Global 100 Methodology for more details.

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Clean Revenue Taxonomy & Definition

Corporate Citizens Clean Revenue Taxonomy                                                                                       

Corporate Knights has made a five-year commitment to define and refine a global clean revenue taxonomy standard for calculating Clean Revenue that is consistent, comparable, relevant, and specific as well as being public and free of charge, with the eventual aim of having “Clean Revenue” integrated into the segmented reporting guidance by global accounting standards setting bodies.

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Making the grade

The 2018 Better World MBA Results

There isn’t a business on the planet that doesn’t require an executive to be mindful of environmental and social impacts.

Petroleum and mining companies, working on the edge of human civilization, have long faced criticism for changing landscapes and discharging waste. Tech firms, which might seem insulated from scrutiny because they’re headquartered in big cities, own electricity-hungry data centres and source their metals from mines in the developing world.

If and when a media outlet uncovers a practice that the public deems subpar, a CEO needs to know how to defend the company’s actions, or know how to improve.

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