Electrifying car-sharing could spark green tipping point

Incentivizing EV car-sharing fleets could drive down Canada’s emissions and make EV access more equitable

Needless to say, bold action is required to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, as well as the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. As federal policy-makers deliberate how to tackle both challenges, via a green economic recovery plan, they’ll need to look “under the hood” of Canada’s vehicles to drive down our country’s emissions.

Attempts to reduce transportation-related emissions have proven to be especially vexing, given that passenger (“light-duty”) vehicle trips account for approximately 30% of a city’s total carbon footprint – and cities account for approximately 70% of national emissions. Canadian consumers’ penchant for larger/heavy (less fuel-efficient) vehicles isn’t helping: SUVs and pickup trucks account for 70% of new vehicle sales in Canada

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