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Unilever embraces ingredient transparency, while Korindo is caught up in an environmental scandal.
The Gap begins publishing a complete list of global suppliers, while Embraer gets caught up in a bribery scandal.
Cargill moves to reduce antibiotics overuse in its livestock, while Riberebro is caught up in a canned mushroom cartel.
Asia Pulp and Paper goes from a zero to a hero, while Hyundai gets caught lying about the gas mileage for its U.S. vehicles.
Tyson Foods promotes animal well-being, while Alcoa settles with the Department of Justice in a long-running kickback case.
Walmart eliminates chemicals from household cleaners, while JP Morgan Chase demonstrates why Americans don't trust Wall St.
Efficiency drived the new General Motors, while China's Sinovel Wind stands accused of stealing turbine source code
P&G makes big progress on waste diversion target, while arrests cast shadow on BSG Resources.
Shipping giant Maersk leads on emissions reductions; backlash hits potash cartel.
Marks and Spencer sheds toxic chemicals; Gruppo Riva steel mill emits killer pollution.
Corporations can make heroic efforts to operate more sustainably without sacrifice to profit.
General Electric gets serious about refrigerator recycling; Hudbay Minerals fails on human rights.
Office Depot is applauded for its emission-reduction initiatives, while Chevron faces off with the EPA.
Loblaws' sustainable seafood policy earns respect, while Ikea's logging of old-growth forests in Russia gets challenged.