Crowdfunding watch: CounterCrop

Growing herbs indoors is nothing special. You can purchase potted herbs, from basil to thyme, at the local grocery store. Keeping them alive, on the other hand, is another story.

A startup called CounterCrop has now developed what it claims is the “best all-in-one home garden available anywhere,” and it has turned to crowdfunding to scale up.

The CounterCrop garden looks like an aquarium, but it’s equipped with advanced LED lights and a hydroponic watering system that are both timed to mimic the natural growth cycle of plants. And we’re not just talking herbs – you can grow a range of leafy veggies, including lettuce, spinach and kale (presumably marijuana as well, but they don’t disclose that).


The system appears remarkably low-maintenance. “You can even go away for a long weekend and your CounterCrop will continue to tend your plants so you come home to beautiful healthy food,” says the company, which touts the unit as efficient with power and water use.

Without citing a lifecycle analysis, founder Jack Abbott calls the product sustainable because it saves water, energy and land. At the same time, it helps us “connect” to our food and eat healthier.

The company expects to retail it for $399, but Kickstarter contributors got one if they donated $134.

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