Weighing waste

By Brian Lee
Waste not want not: the waste productivity key performance indicator.

In today’s world of increasing global resource scarcity, it is more important than ever to make efficient use of our limited resources. One way of measuring efficient resource use is to look at the level of economic output generated in relation to the amount of waste produced by an activity. This is the approach that Corporate Knights Capital has taken in establishing the waste productivity key performance indicator (KPI) for the Global 100 and Best 50 rankings. The waste productivity KPI is calculated by taking the revenues generated by a firm, and dividing it by the metric tonnes of waste generated. This allows us to compare companies of differing size and waste management processes.

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Pension fund status

A Global 100 KPI is found

This year’s Corporate Knights Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations ranking features a new metric by which companies are measured: Pension Fund Status. The metric was added as part of an ongoing evolution of the ranking and is calculated as follows:

Pension Fund Status = (Pension Obligations - Plan Assets) / Market Capitalization

The score for this metric is determined by taking (1 - the result of the above calculation) and percent ranking it against other same-industry group peers within theCorporate Knights research coverage universe.

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