10 ways to invest in community

By Guy Dauncey
Guy Dauncey has come up with ten practical things you can do to help make your community a more sustainable place to live.

1. Slow Down. Chat and Mingle

When thinking of investing, most think of money. But there is more to wealth. A wealthy community is rich with friends, time, beauty, and so much more. It all starts with relationships, so the next time you are out, take the time to mingle, say hello, and chat. Every new relationship is a sound investment in your community.

2. Support Locally-Owned Businesses

When compared, local business has two to four times greater economic benefit for the community than other business. They spend, employ, and donate more locally. So why not support them? By supporting a local farmers market, you will get healthy food, and help build local farms.

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Ten ways to unite Canada

Uniting Canada through transport, equality and the Olympics.

1. Relive the Olympics

If we had wanted to create national unity from Haida Gwaii to St. John’s seven years ago, we could not have done better than bid on the Winter Olympics. Canadian hearts were glowing and most of the cynicism had been washed away long before the final hockey game. How can Canada sustain this patriotism? By sustaining funding for sports, and supporting the people who get up at 5 am to help young athletes train.

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Ten ways to use the sun’s energy

By Guy Dauncey and Meghan Etcheverry
The sun's energy can be used for everything from heating your home to drying your clothes.

1. To dry your clothes

The sun has gone to a lot of trouble to send us its energy, so appreciate it! The heat and light on your face was on the surface of the sun eight minutes and nineteen seconds ago. So at a minimum, use it to dry your clothes. The average electric dryer is a massive energy hog, accounting for two per cent of total energy consumption in the United States. Although new energy consumption guidelines have been introduced in Canada  and the United States, drying your clothes in the sun is still the most energy efficient method. Since the sun is a giant nuclear reactor, you can brag to your friends that you have a nuclear-powered clothes dryer.

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