Why online voting could lay the foundation for a greener economy

To elect more climate-conscience candidates, we need to boost the youth vote – and online voting could be key

According to the latest polls, the environment has become one of the biggest issues for Canadians this election. Many voters will be looking at party climate policies to decide how they will cast their ballot. But what if we could become a more sustainable country simply by changing the way we run our elections? Online voting could help get us there.

Canadians have been voting by paper ballot in federal elections since 1867. A national survey, however, found that 85% of Canadians supported the introduction of Internet voting as an additional way to cast their ballot. Through our smartphones or computers, we could vote from the convenience of our homes, workplaces, local libraries or any other public place with internet access. Embracing online voting would also make sense for governments, both fiscally and environmentally.

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