Lessons from pedal-powered ChocoSol

How "ecopreneur" Michael Sacco transformed chocolate into a learning enterprise

ChocoSol Traders makes no bones about the fact that it doesn’t sell what most people expect — a sinfully sweet candy from Belgium, France or Switzerland, especially popular in this season of feasting.

The west-end Toronto company reclaims a chocolate legacy that might seem un-chocolatey to many — a healthy, spiritual, dark and bitter-tasting food and drink hailing from Mexico Profundo, the ancient Indigenous Mayan culture of Mexico.

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Is ‘sustainable beef’ a load of bull?

COMMENT: Harvey's, McDonald's and others are serving more certified sustainable beef but standards rife with loopholes

You may not have heard of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, but if you’ve had a burger at McDonald’s or Harvey’s lately, you might have eaten beef that’s been certified sustainable by the Calgary-based multi-stakeholder Roundtable.

McDonald’s became the first company in Canada to serve up a portion of its Angus burgers (at least 30 per cent) from certified sources last year. Then Harvey’s began partnering with the Roundtable in August for its Original Burgers, joining A&W, Earls, Cactus Club Cafe and other food outlets in an effort to serve more environmentally responsible beef.

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