The beauty of regenerative agriculture and the future of food

In his final days, the late, great food-policy guru Wayne Roberts shared his hopes for our food future

In the days leading up to his passing in January, the late, great food-policy guru and Corporate Knights contributor Wayne Roberts answered a few questions from our managing editor, Adria Vasil. He shared his thoughts on the rise of regenerative agriculture and his hopes for our food future. Here are his gently edited remarks:

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Seeding climate action on Canada’s farms

Low-input sustainable agriculture is helping farmers store carbon underfoot

Like everybody else, farmers talk a lot about the weather without doing much of anything about it – likely because there’s not much they can do.

But after a decade of wild swings in weather patterns, crop prices and farm debt levels, some Canadian farmers are starting to look at ways they can do something about the climate while improving their farm business.

On February 11, Agriculture Day, a group of these farmers, backed by the National Farmers Union, Canadian Organic Growers and several food-related environmental groups, announced the formation of Farmers for Climate Solutions.

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Lessons from pedal-powered ChocoSol

How "ecopreneur" Michael Sacco transformed chocolate into a learning enterprise

ChocoSol Traders makes no bones about the fact that it doesn’t sell what most people expect — a sinfully sweet candy from Belgium, France or Switzerland, especially popular in this season of feasting.

The west-end Toronto company reclaims a chocolate legacy that might seem un-chocolatey to many — a healthy, spiritual, dark and bitter-tasting food and drink hailing from Mexico Profundo, the ancient Indigenous Mayan culture of Mexico.

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Is ‘sustainable beef’ a load of bull?

COMMENT: Harvey's, McDonald's and others are serving more certified sustainable beef but standards rife with loopholes

You may not have heard of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, but if you’ve had a burger at McDonald’s or Harvey’s lately, you might have eaten beef that’s been certified sustainable by the Calgary-based multi-stakeholder Roundtable.

McDonald’s became the first company in Canada to serve up a portion of its Angus burgers (at least 30 per cent) from certified sources last year. Then Harvey’s began partnering with the Roundtable in August for its Original Burgers, joining A&W, Earls, Cactus Club Cafe and other food outlets in an effort to serve more environmentally responsible beef.

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