Special Report: Worker Safety

Owner, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Corporate Knights has teamed up with the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering and the Center for Safety and Health Sustainability to develop a series of articles over the month of October to highlight important issues and trends in the area of workplace safety, both in Canada and around the world. Our first story, by award-winning journalist John Lorinc, will appear on October 10 and explores the rise in fatalities and injuries in jobs not traditionally considered dangerous. Through the month we will look at which industries are best and worst at disclosing workplace safety data, as well as the challenge of making sure safety standards trickle down through the supply chain. We'll also compare Canadian and U.S. workplace safety statistics, and find out why injury claims in Canada's east are falling faster than in the west. Finally, we'll end with a report on Canada's latest worker safety data. All stories in this series will appear on our report landing page, which we encourage you to visit over the month. This project is a Partnered Series, as defined by our content disclosure policy.

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